I finished the first draft of my new novel this morning.

This one demanded a much, far, way less involved process than the first one. It’s partly that my first book started life one way, and it changed completely over 4 years of revision. PRETTY PEG was just a plain old YA novel about an unsolved murder when I first wrote it for Nanowrimo. The trip to fairyland came much later, and that changed every single thing about it. I say it’s a better story for having changed and gotten all magicked up, but boy howdy, that was a lot of work.

This one is bound to take a lot of revision work too, but I think — I think — I hope — the story will stay in the world I wrote it in this time, with the same characters being thwarted by the same troubles they have right now.

But the real news is — I finished my draft! Champagne!